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The Colorado State University Agronomy Club does fundraising activities throughout the year to help fund the clubs weekly activities as well as help fund the agronomy club member’s trips to The American Society of Agronomy Regional and National Meetings. These meetings are an important way for members of the agronomy club to network with professionals, other universities and students outside CSU. The money that the club raises through our fundraising activities makes it possible for the club to travel to these important annual meetings as well as helps the club fund weekly meetings and other club activities.

Recent Club Fundraising Activities have been:

Popcorn – The CSU Agronomy Club was given a chance to use a small acreage at ARDEC.  The club decided to plant popcorn to sell in Spring 2016.  The activities included planting corn, weeding out pigweed, to hand harvesting corn by Winter/Christmas Break once the moisture content in the kernel is under 19%.   By April 2016, we hope to start selling popcorn, both popped and un-popped.  This was an activity the club did a long time ago, and we decided to bring it back.

Work for a Professional – This is a great way for students to network with professionals. During this activity members of the club work with a company or family owned operation for one day and in exchange the company donates to the Agronomy Club.

CSU Soil and Crop Sciences Merchandise – The CSU Agronomy Club sells various agronomy related merchandise. The products sold include shirts, and hoodies.

Pressed Plant Collections and Seed Vials – The members of the Agronomy Club collect and make plant mounts and seed vials of over 40 different types of plants. These are then sold and used as educational materials.

Bake Sales – The CSU Agronomy Club holds a baking fundraiser on occasion.

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