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CSU Agronomy Club


Agronomy Club at SASES 2016 at Phoenix, AZ Scheduled Meetings:
5:30pm in Plant Science Building W212

Meeting 1 – September 10
Guest: Laura van der Pol
Ph.D. Student in Ecology, focusing on sustainable agriculture and biodiversity
Veteran of the Coast Guard
Research Assistant in Alaska
Science Teacher

Meeting 2 – September 24

Guest: Jarrod Bessire
High School Agriculture Educator
Meeting 3 – October 8
Guest: Emil Ortiz
Hydroponic Hops
Mammoth organic biocontrol
Greenhouse Crop Consultant
Hemp related work
Meeting 4 – October 22
Guest: Peace Corps Representative
Also, Pumpkin carving
Meeting 5 – November 5
Guest: TBA (Career Counselor)
Meeting 6 – November 19
Jean Hediger
President of Golden Prairie Incorporated
Organic Grain Producer
Meeting 7  – December 3
End of the Year Chili Cook-off, Holiday Celebration

The purpose of the CSU Agronomy Club is to gather together students with similar interests for their common benefit and advancement. The Agronomy Club provides a chance for students to take an active part in their department through fundraising projects, social events, and scholastic activities. To learn more about the origins of the CSU Agronomy Club visit our history page.



The CSU Agronomy Club elects new officers in April for the 2019-2020 school year, so start thinking about who you would like to be your officers.  Meet the officers.

Behind a great group of student leaders is a dedicated and empowering faculty member. Meet the advisors.


The Golden Pitchfork Reward

At the end of each school year, the President of the club chooses one club member to receive the Golden Pitchfork reward. This reward entitles the receiver of the reward to have their name engraved into the handle of the pitchfork. To earn this achievement, the member must be doing work for the club above and beyond what is needed. This reward is only for the members or officers of the club, except for the office of President. List of Golden Pitchfork members.


SASES National Meetings

Wondering about Nationals?




 Interested In Joining the CSU Agronomy Club?

Anyone interested in the field of agriculture is welcome to join and become an active member of the CSU Agronomy Club.

The best way to get involved in the club is to come to one of our scheduled meeting or events, which can be found on the CSU Agronomy Club Calendar.

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