Current Officers

CSU Agronomy Club Officers

The CSU Agronomy Club is proud to announce its new officers for the 2018-2019 school year.
New officers are elected in April of each year.

Past Officers

President – Jason Gerlich

I came to CSU to explore. I am enamored by the beauty of the mountains and plains coming together, this convergence makes Colorado one of the most interesting places to study agriculture. In the soil and crops science department I am unusual. I am a watershed science major. Despite being in the natural resource department my love agriculture is strong. My passion is agricultural hydrology. I love being able to work with producers on water resource management and developing best management practices to help attain a sustainable future.

Vice President – Tad Trimarco

Treasurer – Daniel  Lynch

Executive Council – Linc Thomas

I am a junior studying Horticulture with a concentration in Floriculture. I like to write, hike, and garden! You can reach me at for more information about the club.

Executive Council  – Adrian Aycock

I came to CSU seeking for an unique career that is not being stuck behind a desk, watching emails being searched through for part time work for legal work at a meat packaging plant.  For a long time I have always wanted to take horticulture classes at a community college.  By the time I got to CSU, I know I wanted to work with plants while using computers programming languages.  I might be going about it the wrong way, but I am making this my educational path in Plant Biotech, Breeding, and Genetics degrees.  I have been a senior for a long time, and I will be finish end of this year.  I have been in Agronomy Club since 2014 and the direction of the club has improved.  My roles in the club includes Secretary, Reporter, and Outreach Communications.

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